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This is the place I post drawings and what not I keep all the dumb stuff I look at in the link below now.

This is the last one I swear òwó

Oh boy I can’t wait to be a huge piece if shit and play GTA V all day. 

Gotta take a photo of it like everyone else so they’ll think I’m cool.
Pre bed, badly lit doodles are fun
31. August 2013

Drawing everyday has been pretty rad but I know I can’t keep it up forever so I figured 50 days isn’t bad I’ll go with that.

I’m pretty grateful to those who appreciated my scrawlings and any new followers as a result from now on I want to make more complete work rather than something I’d have to fit in quickly at the end of the day after work.

Peace UuU

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Day 50: Owlet
Day 49: I wanted to draw another monster girl on my day off but social stuff happened and I only got this far.